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The Harrington Estate
Derrick’s Hallway
Saturday, December 12
10:11 pm

My vision was blurry and my footsteps were unsteady from the 3 shots of vodka. Nothing said “party hard” louder than a party hosted by Derrick Harrington on a Saturday night. I stumbled against the wall, away from the crowd of people dancing and making out, and giggled.

Being the good friends that they are, Kristen and Dylan stood by and kept a watchful eye on my behavior, whispering and judging other girls.

“You guys… are s-stalkers,” I managed to comment as I tripped and unable to catch myself, a quick hand grabbed my wrist before my social life was destroyed.

“Hey, t-thanks, mister,” I raised my glass of beer groggily and took a sip.

“Claire, lay off the alcohol,” the familiar voice instructed.

I scoffed and furrowed my eyebrows. “Ex-cyooz me, but, whoyoo?”

“It’s me, Derrick. Or Derrington, whatever you girls like to call me,” the boy smirked.

I smacked my hand against my forehead and laughed. I couldn’t stop and my vision was getting blurrier. “Riighhtt, I remember youuu.”

“We have world history together,” he reminded me.

“History, shmistory.” I closed my eyes and took another swig of beer.

Derrick opened his mouth to say something, but my body betrayed me and everything went black.


My eyes snapped open and felt a cold, wet towel against my forehead. I sat up and looked at my surroundings. I was sitting on a bed surrounded my posters of Star Wars and Victoria’s Secret models. A door in the far corner opened and out came Derrick with a drink in his hand.

“How long was I out?” I asked as I searched for something to drink.

“15 minutes. Party’s still strong.” Derrick replied, taking a sip out of his red cup and tossed my a water bottle.

“I still feel doozy.” I clenched the water bottle tightly after taking a sip.

Derrick walked across the room to sit across from me on his bed.

“How are things with Massie? Where are the girls?” I asked, starting a conversation so I could ignore the pounding in my head.

“They’re dancing. I don’t think they’re planning on getting drunk like you are.” He chuckled and leaned back.

“They just left me with you?” I looked up and made eye contact with the brunette.

“Well Massie doesn’t know. Dylan and Kristen kinda left when they saw me with you,” He answered, looking at his watch.

“I gotta get back.” I hopped off the bed and rushed to the door.

“Claire, wait.” Derrick called after me.

I looked back to see him standing up. “Yes?”

He walked over to where I was and shut the door. He was too close and my heart pounded. My breath hitched as he brought his face closer to mine. His lips got closer and I closed my eyes. As his lips touched mine, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and kissed him back. Reality hit, and I pulled away.

“I have to go find them. The girls, I-I mean.” I whispered as I shuffled out of his room and back into the crowd of people to look for Dylan.


Hello, lovelies! I’ve finally found a plot after a super-duper long hiatus but don’t worry. I have lots of things planned and I’m so glad it’s finally winter break! For those of you who celebrate it, merry Christmas.

I know that this isn’t the best post ever and there’s a lot of dialogue but I wasn’t sure how not to add a lot? I don’t know if that made any sense whatsoever.

  • So what do you guys think, does Derrick have feelings for Claire? Or was it the drinks talking?
  • Does Claire? I mean, she kissed him back so…
  • How would the Pretty Comittee react? Specifically, Massie?

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Until next time.


Claire ♡